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Gary Johnson Drops GOP Bid to run as Libertarian

December 21, 2011

We don’t blame him, he was snubbed by the GOP and denied debates when he was polling at same rates as the minor candidates.  At the same time, Johnson is not a Republican, He is a Libertarian.

Many Libertarians end up in the GOP due to it being a power and money party that can move one along.  He would have never become New Mexico Governor as a Libertarian.

Outlook  If Ron Paul is not the nominee and doesn’t run as a third party candidate, Gary Johnson could get those votes.  This could cost the GOP the Presidency.

There have been rumors circulating for a month or so now that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was considering leaving the Republican race for the Presidency, where he’s been virtually ignored, and run for the Libertarian Party nomination instead. Now, it appears that may be closer to reality:

Read more  Gary Johnson Drops GOP Bid to run as Libertarian.


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